Jung Joon Young

Jung Joon Young is a Korean rock singer and DJ who was born on Feburary 21, 1989 in Indonesia before being in ten other countries simultaneously, seeing to it that his father was an international businessman. Though he had a lonely childhood, he learned to speak five different languages including English, Mandarin, Korean and some Tagalog and Japanese.

His inspiration in becoming a rock singer arose from the fact that when he was seventeen, he would teach songs to kids in the Philippines, thus beginning to think of life on stage and as a muscian. Joon Young had left to South Korea at the age of nineteen without his parent's knowledge to start a band by the name of Flowermist (changed to Switch-on) and performed for amateur club theaters. To get more well-known, Joon Young had worked as a model before appearing on TV.

After his time on Superstar K4, where he ranked third place, Joon Young has since done many concerts, TV and radio programs, and even released his first mini album Spotless Mind.

Early Life & Adolescence

Since Joon Young's father was an international businessman, he and his family had moved around rather feverishly. Being born in Indonesia didn't last long as he switched to China where he and his family had stayed for a soild five years. When his mother and brother moved to Europe (he tagging along), they had lived in England and France until Joon Young had turned seventeen.

Seeing to it that he couldn't attend regular school for the extensive amount of time that they moved around, he had taken private lessons for regular subjects while learning violin and piano.

After turning seventeen did Joon Young move to the Philippines to teach children Taekwondo and music while also being part of the choir that performed infront of the president there. Soon after teaching children there about music did he realize that becoming a singer was his dream.

2007-2012: The Career Starter

After leaving the Philippines in 2007 did Joon Young venture to South Korea in the hopes of becoming a rockstar. He signed with Danal Entertainment but left that company for Startory Entertainment, becoming the main vocalist for LEDApple which was a group marketed to become an idol rock group and debuted on the 27th of September in 2010.

Joon Young's hopes had abruptly come to an end as he couldn't debut with LEDApple due to his former contract terms with Danal Entertainment and instead, the company releasesd his solo album while he was apart of Superstar K4 without his consent in 2012.

At the age of 22 did Joon Young make his own group, Mist with a bass guitarsit, main guitarist and drummer. Soon after the drummer had left, the band was renamed to Flowermist while performing in various clubs while covering many songs. Of course, Joon Young left the band to go back to South Korea in December of 2011 to make a new band, Bad Prince, before changing that name to Switch-on. Entering Superstar K4 with the hopes of going together with a band, Joon Young had proceeded as a solo artist after a few individuals had left the band, leaving him with no other option.

Superstar K4

After the first audition, bass guitarist Laura had left the band Joon Young had gone through with and therefore, changed his choice into nothing more than a solo artist. With the second round coming in, Joon Young had sang "What to Say (Breeze)" on August 17 of 2012 in Seoul. While one of the judges simply didn't like the tone of his voice composed with the song itself, the other two were utterly intrigued by his striking performance.

Throughout the whole of his time in Superstar K4, judges were entranced with the sound of Joon Young's voice as he has a more deep and oddly serene chirp to his tone. Of course, one of the main reasons as to why he had gotten third place in Superstar K4 was the fact that Joon Young had chosen many songs that didn't seem to fit with him. Many had recommended that he choose something Ballad, yet even though he hadn't finished in first place, Joon Young has gone to state that Superstar K4 was nothing more than a turning point in his musical career.

2013-To Present: Offical Debut

In 2013, Joon Young had signed with CJ E&M before releasing his first single, "Spotless Mind" with two versions of the music video (S and N) on October 1st before the release itself impacted the music charts.

An hour after release and "Spotless Mind" had topped Mnet, Bugs, and Soribada. On October 10th, Joon Young had released the six other songs throughout the Spotless Mind mini album which also ranked as number one on daily and weekly charts. He also took second place on MBC's Music Core.

Slowly and carefully is Joon Young taking popularity and gaining a wider range for his career, now releasing an OST with an American rock style version as well as a British pop style drama version and more rock Ballads.

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