When most people think of Jackie Chan, they are more likely to think about the countless number of action movies and the humanitarian work that he's done over anything else, but this may change very soon with his newest accomplishment. JJCC, said as Double JC, is already gaining fans and the attention of many. The reason for such attention is due to the fact that Chan was actively involved in the process of creating the band with his label, The Jackie Chan Group Korea. He helped put them together, trained them, and even helped produce their debut album. Double JC is a five member boy band that debuted on March 20, 2014 on the show M! Countdown.


Unfortunately, not much is known so far about the members that make up the group as the label has yet to supply much information on them, but they have stated that the average height for the five boys is 180 cm (around 5'10") and that they are all in their twenties. The label has also added that they have "various dance skills such as popping, b-boying, and ballet," and that they also speak Korean, Chinese, and English.

SimBa raps and is also the designated leader of the group. Before debuting, he worked as a model due to his height.

E.Co is also in charge of rapping. Due to his height of 185 cm (6'1"), like SimBa, he modeled before making his debut in the group.

Eddy is in charge of vocals, but singing and dancing are not his only talents. Before debuting, he participated in the television show Master Chef Korea and even completed Jackie Chan's stunt education course.

San Cheong raps alongside his bandmates SimBa and E.Co and is from Daegu. He is also the Maknae, or youngest, of the group.

Prince Mac is in charge of vocals with Eddy. He is Chinese-Australian and has even won a famous Chinese survivor audition television show. Chan found Prince Mac through the program and was the last to join Double JC.

2014: At First

The first teaser for the band's music video "At First" was released on March 13, 2014 through their YouTube channel. Another ten second teaser to help promote their debut the following week was posted online a few days later on March 16. On March 20, the band made their official debut performing "At First" on the popular music program M! Countdown. On the 24th of March, the band's YouTube channel uploaded the music video for "At First." Many fans were left confused, however, when they noticed Prince Mac was absent from the video, and it appears that he was either out with an injury from an accident, suffering from an illness, or both, and had to sit out while filming, though he does perform live with the rest of the band onstage. The response Double JC is receiving so far is making their debut a very promising one.

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