Bigfoot Body News

Bigfoot Body News Reports of a Bigfoot body found by hunters in the northern woods in Georgia, United States have been coming in the several US new stations. The two hunters who found the Bigfoot body were Matthew Witton, a police officer and his friend Rick Dyer. they apparently stumbled across the body while hunting a deer.

Bigfoot, often know as Sasquatch has been pursued for decades by many hundreds of people. The creature has been referred to as possibly 'a missing link' a creature that is the evolutionary form between apes and humans. If this is correct finding an actual Sasquatch would be a massive step forward for the theory of evolution.

The supposed Sasquatch boy that was found is seven feet seven inches tall and weighs an excess of 500 pounds. The creatures footprint is sixteen and three-quarter inches long and five and three-quarters inches wide at the heel.

The hunters who discovered the Sasquatch shared their discovery with Tom Biscardi CEO of a California group called searching for Bigfoot. The three held a press conference today in California. During the conference Tom Biscardi made claims of once having a live Sasquatch trapped at his home although he showed no proof of that. Biscardi also showed the press what he claimed were photos of other Sasquatches watching through the trees as the carcase that was found was taken away.

Although the press conference produced very little evidence to support the mens claim the photo pictured in this article was released by them. Zoologists that have looked at this photo have stated 'It looks like a Bigfoot costume from the Internet."

Another press release is coming up in the near future according to the three. They say they plan to get DNA from the body tested to prove that it is authentic. If they do actually go through with such testing it would go quite a ways to prove their claims.

Over the years there has been many attempts to fake Sasquatch sittings and discoveries. There was one other convincing find of a body, supposedly a baby Sasquatch however this event occurred in the 70s and the news traveled slowly. By the time scientists arrived the body had decomposed and no samples were taken as it was before DNA. In any case this Sasquatch report is a lot more likely then the 'Bigfoot on Mars' siting.

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