Action: Mother's Nude Photos

Action: Mother's Nude Photos What do you think of when I say something about nudity? What if I added your mother into that nudity?

Trade Me is a eBay based site for New Zealand, where people can buy, sell and trade anything from cars to alcohol mugs. However, like any internet site not everything is monitored that closely by the owners that have thousands of pages of information and users to monitor.

After an 18-year-old teen in New Zeland got in an argument with his mother, he remembered that they had told him he could sell any unwanted items in their family garage on Trade Me and sell he tried.

The 18-year-old posted nude photos of his mother on Trade Me and attempted to action these photos off, however the photos were taken down the next day for hosting inappropriate content.

Clearly desperate for money for some reason, the taken down action did not stop the teen from taking new photos of his mother. Your wondering how he got these new photos, aren't you? Well, the mother approved of these photos and agreed to take new photos including an underwear shot.

Sadly, Trade Me did not allow those shots either and instead of feeling relieved the mother was outraged that those photos were taken down as well. She stated that she enjoyed the comments that people made about her. She was getting 50 percent of the proceeds and believed their was nothing wrong about the photos that made them worth of being taken down.

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