Miracle on 22nd Street

Gay couple Jim and Dylan live together in an apartment in Manhattan. There is nothing remarkable about their Chelsea home - except for the fact that they inexplicably received hundreds of letters this year written to Santa Claus, with their exact address, right down to Apt. 7.

They have not been able to find any explanation. But the letters have been pouring in. According to Jim, in past years they have received a few of these letters and assumed that it was just a mistake. But this year, they've received around 450 letters, all from children writing to Santa Claus. A sample letter reads:

Hi Santa,
My name is Jennifer and my little sister’s name is Stephanie. I’m 8½ years old and Stephanie is 7 years. Santa our behavior this year have been excellent. You can ask my mom if you want. Please Santa bring me some clothes. I’m 10T and my shoe size is 4 and Stephanie is 8T shoes size 2½. Please make my dreams come true for Christmas.

Jim and Dylan are bewildered as to what has possibly caused children in Manhattan to believe that Santa lives in their apartment. But, like true champions of Christmas spirit, they found that they had to somehow respond to everyone who had written to them. They passed out letters to everyone they knew and asked people to help fulfill as many wishes as they can, and the couple has been able to respond to around 200 letters with a simple "Fulfilled by Santa!"

Watch the heartwarming video here, and Merry Christmas to all!

Source: New York Times

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