Fake Babies or Living Reborns?

Reborn babies are basically what their name tells. When you reborn a baby, you take a normal vinyl, porcelain, or plastic baby and you reborn it to make it your own. You paint over it to give it a healthy skin tone, it can have capillaries, milk pimples, a beating heart, a breathing mechanism, or even an anatomically correct body. The list goes on and on with what you can do these baby dolls to make them even more realistic.

Reborns were originally created during the 1900's and continued to escalate in popularity. These babies are made by hand from artists and then are shipped all the way around the world. The three most common countries to find them are Britain, US, and Australia where women are falling in love with them.

Dr. Phil covered the topic of Reborns on one of his shows to discuss whether what these women are doing is a hobby or an obsession. Because some women have dedicated whole rooms to their Reborns and even have more than 100 hundred of these dolls. The price range for most of these dolls goes from about 100$-5000$. You can buy them on EBay and on websites that the artists have made especially for this reason. BBC also did a documentary on Reborns where women did seem to be taking this hobby way too far.

There is something that the Reborn community calls 'Portrait dolls'. What this means is, you can send the artist a photograph of someone as a baby and then they recreate it as best they can. You can also find tons of videos on YouTube that shows you how to make a Reborn doll, girls opening their Reborn dolls, and other stuff like this.

Now you tell me, what do you think of these dolls? Creepy or cute?

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