The Beatles Never Broke Up

I was on Tumblr, and I follow a blog called did-you-kno that posts facts not many people seem to know.

I stumbled upon this post on my dashboard, and I think it's quite interesting.

The fact presented here is that a man claims to have traveled to a parallel universe in which The Beatles never broke up, but continued to make music.

I'm not a Beatles fan much, but either way, I clicked the Source link, and was brought here.

The man who wrote this article wishes to stay anonymous, but refers to himself as James Richards. In the article, he writes how in early September of 2009, in the state of California, he was traveling home from a friend's house with his dog. Not having any plans for the day, he took a detour through a place known as Del Puerto Canyon. It is a scenic road that his readers are supposed to assume he has driven through before, being he says he had not traveled through it in a while.

He goes on to explain that his dog acted like she needed to go to the bathroom, so he pulled over. After letting her out, she began to chase a rabbit thirty yards away from his car. He chased after his dog, but the ground was uneven and he fell due to a rabbit hole, knocking himself unconscious.

To make a long story a bit shorter, he wakes up in a room, and is introduced to a man who calls himself Jonas and says he found James twenty miles from where he had blanked out. James is worried now because where he fell was in fact not twenty miles close to any type of house.

Jonas then goes on to explain that he found James and pulled him through to a parallel Earth, and shows him the machine which is used to travel between dimensions.

They start to talk about the differences of their worlds. For example: differences in food, television, technology, etc.

Jonas takes James to a different room of the house, which contains a bookshelf holding cassette tapes. Apparently, this alternate world does not use anything like CDs or MP3 files. There they talk about music, and both find out The Beatles exist in both realms. In this new world, the Beatles are not broken up, nor were any members dead. Even more shocking, Jonas has tapes containing Beatles music that was never even released on this Earth.

James wants to take a copy of this music with him, but Jonas refuses and tells him, that for his safety, he is not to take anything back. Nothing.

James promises not to take anything and changes the subject, and after an hour the doorbell rings. Jonas leaves James alone to to answer it, and James quickly takes one of the cassettes, shuffling the remaining ones to make it seem like nothing was stolen. When Jonas comes back, James says he is hungry, and the two eat together. Really, James had just wanted to leave the room with the cassettes.

Apparently in this new world, the time remains the same as normal Earth's does. Realizing this, and seeing as it was getting late, James takes his dog, and after thanking Jonas, steps back through the portal.

He comes back to normal Earth with his dog, and, after realizing he needs a tape player, heads out to Walmart to buy one.

If you go on the site in which this article is posted, you can listen to the music from the cassette tape. I'm not sure if every song is “new and unreleased” here to us, or if only some of them are, or what. I only listened to a little bit of one. Again, not a big Beatles fan. You can also download the songs, read FAQs, and see more pictures of the tape and the ground in which he had fallen on before going unconscious. He also has a Facebook page you can like.

I think it's actually very strange indeed. My question to readers is: do you think this guy could have actually gone to another dimension, or is it a very well throughout hoax? I believe it to be a hoax, but interesting nonetheless if you believe in different dimensions and time travel and such. I suggest for readers to read the actual article.

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