Zombie Apocalypse

I guarantee that at one time in our lives, zombie lovers all over the nation have thought of the actual possibility of a zombie apocalypse, and the answer is that it could happen. The world could end in many possible ways, whether it's from a nuclear holocaust or global warming, it's something that not many people want to happen, unless you want to see your parents turn to dust, or melt.

But, I am not here to talk to you about all of the ways an apocalypse could happen; I'm going to talk about the possible zombie apocalypse that could be right under our noses.

First Things First

Did you hear about the guy in Miami sometime in May? He was found naked, eating the flesh of a man's face. It happened in the light of day, off the side of a highway.

Police sources say that a Road Ranger saw a man chewing on another man's face. He then told the man to back away. According to the Miami Herald. “The officer, who has not been identified, approached and, seeing what was happening, also ordered the naked man to back away. When he continued the assault, the officer shot him, police sources said. The attacker failed to stop after being shot, forcing the officer to continue firing. Witnesses said they heard at least half dozen shots.

When interviewed, the attacker's girlfriend said that her boyfriend was the perfect gentleman, that he had never hurt her or her kids, done drugs, or talked to her children in an assertive or agressive manor, and that nor has she ever done drugs or will she.

Six shots? Wow, though the police say he was suffering from something called 'Cocaine Psychosis,' a side-affect from taking a form of LSD referred to as Bath Salts. Let’s move onto some other stories...

6 Other Happenings Between May 25th and June 2nd

1. A man was arrested by two police officers, and while the police where trying to get him under control, he bit both of them. The offender was charged with two counts of battery of a police officer, two counts of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and attempted battery. The man was believed to be on some unidentified drug.

2. Police were arresting a man for robbery, and he resisted by taking one officer's baton and beating him in the head and abdomen, and even though the attacker was shot several times he kept beating the officer. Multiple other officers restrained the man and ended the attack. The attacker was believed to be high on Bath Salts.

3. A man stood in his room, threatening the police that he was going to stab himself. The officers kicked down the door and the man began reputedly stabbing himself in the abdomen and neck. The officers tried to subdue him with pepper spray, but it seemed to have no effect. The man began ripping his own skin and intestines out/off and throwing them at the police. After seeing something that horrific, the officers retreated. The man was uncharged, due to the unusual nature of this case, and sent to the hospital in critical condition. Drug use and mental illness are believed to contribute to these acts.

4. Two men where driving in separate cars, one threw garbage out his window, and the other chased him down, blocked him off, climbed out of his car, and began beating the other and biting his face. The police have no idea why the offender reacted this way, but both of the involved where charged. The litterbug was fined $500 for littering, and the attacker was charged with reckless endangerment and assault.

5. A bus driver was attacked by a student on the bus, the attacker bit the driver on the head and face. A passerby noticed the situation and pulled the child off, the child then turned to biting him on the arms and hands. When police arrived, the child tried to attack them, also. The student was sent to juvenile hall, charged with 2 counts of assault, and 2 counts of attempted battery of a police officer. The reasons for the child's actions are believed to be the cause of mental illness.

6. A man admitted to murdering his roommate of six months, and eating his heart and brain before a court hearing for reckless endangerment and assault. His roommate was an illegal immigrant, the suspect said that he ate his roommate's body parts and hid his body. The reasons for the offender's actions are unknown.

Reactions from the Public

All over the nation, multiple events of cannibalism, extensive rage, and all-out gruesomeness has sparked reaction from the public. Most are stocking up in food supplies, guns, and ammunition. A man in my neighborhood actually bout three double-wide trailers, dug a hole in the ground, and filled one trailer with SPAM, and built hidden compartments around the trailers with weapons and ammunition stocks.

Even journalists are looking into the situation by interviewing the families of the rage-ridden people. Even I have taken a precaution to all of this, in my room, beside my bead, I have a first-aid kit and a combat knife ready to go... just in case.

What You Should Do

If you had a similar level of paranoia as me, you'll want to buy a first-aid kit and some kind of handy, portable weapon in an easy-to-get-to area in your home where everyone knows it's there. Also, you should take to washing your hands more frequently and carrying around some hand sanitizer. Finally, if this is brought on as a side-affect from Bath Salts then I strongly advise that you stay away from any kind of non-medical drug, if possible, if not then at least avoid any kind of hallucinogen.

Now, you may be asking yourself, "Is a zombie apocalypse even possible?" That is an answer I cannot give, but from the looks of it, and my personal opinion is that if it is, we should be prepared.

Read more at Reddit: Media Warns of Zombie Outrbreak in Florida.


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