"Kill James"?!

"Kill James"?! Two year old James Bowman, is just your average Elmo loving toddler. If it's Elmo, he's got it, especially Elmo dolls. His favorite Elmo doll is the Elmo knows your name doll, programmable, and picks up phrases it hears commonly around the household.

On February 22, 2008, his mother (Mellissa Bowman) had noticed the batteries has died, so she opened a package of fresh ones and put them in the Elmo doll. Mellissa heard James walking around with the Elmo doll, hearing exactly what it was saying. The Elmo doll uttered "Kill James" over and over. She was content about keeping this particular Elmo doll away from James, because he repeated "Kill James" every time he heard the words.

Mellissa called the toymakers at Fisher's Price, hoping for them to listen, but they had no regard for her words, they just wanted money out of the toy. As any mother would she tried to hide the Elmo doll, but in a failing attempt. James would climb high and low to find his Elmo-which is exactly what he did.

Mellissa is very glad that Elmo's television show has no such content and behavior.
For now this Florida family has to figure a way to keep Evil Elmo away from James, until then all they can do is try.

To watch the video go to video.msn.com.

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