End of the World

CNN is often thought to be one of the most credible news sources out there. They have countless years of experience and an obvious dedication to reporting the news that matters most to people. CNN is a highly respected news source, but not everything always goes according to plan, no matter what your reputation is.

In an event that rivals those on Anchorman and Anchorman 2, CNN recently reported that the world was coming to an end. The news report stated that a an asteroid was possibly on a collision straight for earth, and the citizens should prepare for the likely doom that was about to occur.

Before people ran to the supermarket to stock up on eggs and milk, they should have checked the report a little deeper, but it wasn't until NASA sent out reports that CNN's claim was false.

There were clues to the invalidness of the event, though, that everyone could have picked up on. The biggest one being that the asteroid was set to hit on March 35, 2014.

The report started when CNN received a false report via email and sent it out on their iReport immediately, without checking its validity. The article is now deleted, though other news sources may have copies saved so they can look back on the time the world almost ended.

Next time CNN wants to put out a claim as big as this, they need to check their sources.

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