Cobra vs. Thieves

Cobra vs. Thieves On account of preventing robberies, a famous British department store Harrods “hired” a very much alive cobra as a guard.

The Egyptian snake named Cedric started working on September 10, proudly keeping its piercing eyes on exclusive shoe collection - including Rene Caovilla’s sandals of 62,000 pounds (around $120,000). What makes them so expensive is a variety of precious stones attached to them - rubies, sapphires and diamonds.

Views on the snake, “guarding” the shoes were divided. They were disagreeing on how effective Cedric might be as a deterrent to crooks.

A spokesperson for Harrods claims that Cedric the Snake was only “hired” for the launch of the shoe collection and now has been returned to its owner.

Cedric is highly venomous snake native to tropical and desert regions of Asia and Africa. Cobras are famous for their dance - rising from a basket and swaying with the music. They’re usually portrayed dancing in the movies. A strange fact is that they cannot hear. After rising from a basket, cobra spreads its hood, sees a swaying pipe and starts moving along with it mistaking it for another snake. That grabs its attention and makes it dance.

Cobras’ venom is highly dangerous - once it was injected through their fangs, it should be medically treated immediately.

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