Twilight: How Did it Become so Popular?

Twilight: How Did it Become so Popular? A few months ago I started hearing about this movie 'Twilight' that was coming out. The closer to the movie's release date the more I heard about it. Many of my friends had already reads the books and were excited to see the movie.

Upon the movie's release I went to see it unlike many others, I was not a fan. I was merely a person going to see what all the fuss was about. I had to admit, the trailers made the movie look much better. I had multiple complaints about the movie and its special effects which were seriously lacking. Still, I found the movie to have an interesting story line and basic idea. The book was what I became interested in reading now. I longed to know if the books were as good as people claimed.

A few weeks of waiting the book finally came into the library and I was able to check it out. I was able to read to page 15 before I placed the book down. It wasn't as interesting as I had hoped. The writing style was very disappointing. I had to admit that Stephenie Meyer's writing abilities were no better then a middle school student with a talent for writing. I was highly disappointed.

I asked my friends what they thought of the books. They told me to continue, the books got much better. Hesitantly I continued reading the books once again. I'd give them another chance. I read up to chapter 6 page 119 this time. I again put the book down. It wasn't getting any better. By this time, the book was due back and I was forced to return the book to the library. This is where I stand now with the book.

Deeply disappointed and once again forced to wait for the library to get the book back so I could check it out again I decided to entertain myself with something else. By this time I had heard news of Stephenie's new story, 'Midnight Sun'. I was shocked, the writing style was the same but the story was...simply amazing. I sat up till late reading the first 12 available chapters.

I had to say though, upon reaching chapter 10 I was bored again. Bella was starting to fully come into the story. It was losing my interest again. I found that Bella's unrealistic, failing, and needy personality had lost me. I once again watched the movie in a small attempt to get interest in the story again. I was in luck; I was interested in the books once again. I finished reading the rest of ‘Midnight Sun’ - well, the rest as in the last bit that was available.

My over all opinion of the series is poor. The writing style was boring and very unoriginal. The story idea is wonderful; she just needs a more original writing style. Her characters need a remake as well.

Bella, to start off was very boring. I can understand that she’s shy and very clumsy but for example a shy person would never want or like a loud red truck. Shy girls don’t usually like to be noticed. A loud red truck contradicts this in every way. So, Bella is either shy, or she’s not. Also, to add to the fact is Bella’s sudden love for Edward. She hardly knows the guy yet she’s in love with him. The movie made this even more unbelievable.

Something else about Bella which makes her personality and character - in my opinion – a disaster was the fact that she was unafraid of Edward when she found out he was a vampire. Vampires are legendary creatures that are supposed to be evil and frightening. Bella, like Edward said, should be afraid. Bella’s thoughts on this were completely free to change as she got to know Edward better. Any normal human would have been afraid though. It would have made Bella a much more believable character.

Edward, I found to be much more interesting. His stalker personality was a bit funny though also slightly creepy. I found this part of him though to be unique. I have never read about a main character who stalkers the girl he loves. I have to admit though; even to me Edward’s personality was very confusing. His character itself though seemed much more…thought out. Bella’s on the other hand didn’t seem to be this way.

Something about the Cullen’s and vampires in general I didn’t understand was their skin. Was their a point to it being shiny or whatever it was? I mean, what exactly was the point to this? Did it serve some purpose that I may have missed? I also have to add the fact that no one is perfect; no one. Vampires being perfect as such just blew me away. It was just like “Dude, what?” This fact that they were perfect was just totally impossible, uncreative, and beyond stupid. Like I said, no one is perfect, not even a vampire. I don’t know how being a vampire would change this fact.

I could go on and on about the book – the good and bad. I won’t though.

My over all opinion of what I’ve read and the movie isn’t going to be very high. On a rating I’d give it a 2.5. The story idea was great; the writing style was a horrible disaster. The characters were uncreative and cliché.

I am a ‘Twilight’ fan because as I’ve said. I love the story idea. I will continue to read the books and see the movies as they are released. I am interested to see what happens. I just have to force myself to continue reading. Hopefully ‘Midnight Sun’ will be much better.

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