Beast Boy vs. Ben 10: Who is Stronger?

Beast Boy vs. Ben 10: Who is Stronger? Superheroes are awesome because they all have a new unique way of "saving the day". But determining who is the most powerful... That's the hard part. Every superhero thinks he/she is the strongest out of them all. They say, "I saved 10,000 people from an earthquake once", or "I saved 100 school children from a child-eating monster". The thing is, there are tons of superheroes, some big, some small. You can't say which one is the strongest because everyone is doing their part. But we can focus in on 2 or 3 superheroes and find the strongest out of them. That's what we're gonna do now, and our two superheroes are Ben 10 and Beast Boy - two characters who people consider pretty similar.

First lets look at the two superheroes' strengths. Beast Boy can shape shift into any animal he wants to. Ben 10 has the Omnitrix, an amazing watch-like object, that he can use to turn into any alien he wants to. Seems simple, right? Let's look a little more deeply.

Ben 10 can become any alien he wants... but only with the power of the Omnitrix. Sometimes the Omnitrix can discharge or it won't work. What should Ben do then? Ben 10 is completely dependent on the Omnitrix and if it's gone, he's powerless. Beast Boy has the power genetically imprinted into his blood. I'm not saying Beast Boy doesn't have faults. Beast Boy is not a one-man band like Ben 10. He's part of the Teen Titans. Gwen does help Ben 10 here and there, but Ben usually saves the day himself. Beast Boy is not even the leader of his own team. In fact, Robin and the rest of the gang don't think of him as "The Powerful One" or "The Smart One". They think of him as "The Funny One", which isn't really such a good name when it comes to being a superhero. Lastly, Ben 10 can turn into aliens. But he can't turn into any earth animals like Beast Boy can. Yeah, turning into aliens is way cooler than turning into animals, but Ben can only turn into 10 aliens, out of the billions of aliens out there. Beast Boy can turn into aliens, land animals and sea animals.

Beast Boy and Ben 10 aren't always saving the day. They have family lives, too. Both Beast Boy and Ben 10 are great at making people laugh, especially us, their audience. But Ben 10's humor is getting slightly boring. It's just how Ben does something and Gwen calls him a dweeb. Beast Boy thinks of something new every time. Also, Ben 10 does not have any kind of romance in it. Even if there is romance, it is not permanent. The girl Ben has a crush on will leave in the end of the show, or in the next one. However, in Teen Titans, Beast Boy has defined pairings such as BBStar or BBRae.

Based on our calculations, Beast Boy seems like the winner. But is he the winner when it comes to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and all the other famous superheroes in the world? That's something for you to figure out some other time. But for now, we reached our conclusion, and this little contest is over.

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