Michael Jackson - Just A Rumour

Michael Jackson - Just A Rumour Anything and everything that happened throughout Michael Joseph Jackson’s short life was well documented. However, mixed in with the truth are some painful lies which ruined his pride and dignity.

Throughout his short life, rumours circulated the globe about him every second of every minute of every day. Every crazy, wacky rumour imaginable was printed and now, more than four months after the star’s life was tragically cut short, rumours are still finding their way onto the front page of daily tabloids.

When Jackson had reportedly paid $1 million for the bones of the ‘elephant man’ by such credible sources as Time Magazine, he refused to acknowledge the report for years and this subsequently earned him the one nickname which he would grow to loathe with a passion: “Wacko Jacko”.

Even his legendary voice was put under scrutiny with reporters, and the media in general with claims that Jackson used hormone treatments to preserve his trademark high pitched voice which experts would later claim was “unnatural” for a man over thirty five.

Probably the most famous rumour of them all is the ever circulating debate: did Michael Jackson really have vitiligo or was he simply bleaching his skin to fit in with Western civilization? Most people who don‘t really know or understand his disease would probably argue that no one could possibly become so pale through the disease but that simply isn‘t true. His fans will argue until the death that he did not bleach his skin; he did have vitiligo and merely used pale make up to cover up the uneven patches upon his skin.

Of course, only Michael Jackson could have had rumours about the rumours. It was reported that most of the outrageous rumours (like the ones mentioned above) originated from his own PR camp.

Whatever their source may be, you cannot deny that these rumours and many, many more had a great negative impact of Jackson’s life. I say that everyone should, whether they like it or not, declare that he Rest in Peace and finally let the man have the bit of freedom he always wanted.

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