How to Determine If Your House Is Haunted

In nearly every faith, there is talk of spirits and an afterlife, and many believe that these spirits can get stuck in our world. Those same people believe that trapped spirits are trying to make contact and want to be heard. Spirits try to make contact through noises, electronics, and moving objects. Many people have reported experiencing these strange phenomena in their homes. How do you know if your home is inhabited by a spirit?

Unexplainable Noises

Many of the thumps and bumps people hear in the night can be attributed to the wind or the sound of the pipes, but there are some noises that can’t be explained. The sound of a door closing and opening repeatedly is an unmistakable sound, and it is one many people claim to have experienced. Ultimately, only you can decide what is normal in your home and what isn’t.


Many haunting specialists believe that animals have a supernatural ability that humans do not. Your dog, cat, bird, or hamster may be able to sense or see something in your house that you’re not picking up on. When Fido barks at what appears to be nothing, he may really be barking at a spirit. So, the next time Fluffy starts hissing at the corner, consider that there might be something else there.


Electronic objects are often affected by the presence of spirits. If you notice lights flickering, radios creating static, or interferences in television reception, there may be a spirit trying to make contact.

Moving Objects

Your keys aren’t in the spot you normally keep them in, but hours later when you come back, your keys are in that very spot. This is a common occurrence in haunted houses. Many hauntings come with objects moving or even disappearing. If objects continuously disappear in your house, you may not be as forgetful as you think. There may be a spirit in your home.

The only way to know with certainty if your house is haunted is to hire a trained professional. A professional will know how to test for spirits and now how to handle spirits if there are any in your home.

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