Conventional Weapons

Rumor has it that My Chemical Romance will begin releasing some new songs by the end of the month. The only question is how amazing will these songs be?

September 14th the band's rhythm guitarist, Frank Iero, posted a rather wordy message on the band's website stating that the band decided they wanted to release the album they scraped between The Black Parade (2006) and Danger Days (2010). The album is being called Conventional Weapons and is said to have two songs released every month from October to February, totaling in 10 new songs. The new music is going to be a bit of history for the band's fans because it will finally remove the mystery behind what was going through the band's mind during 2009, when the fan base barely heard from them. It might even shed some light onto the loss of Bob Bryar, the band's former drummer, whose leaving from the band is still a mystery and a heart ache to fans.

The songs release will occur as follows: there are going to be two songs released every month, starting October 30th for five months. On their website they have the track list and dates of release, which are as follows;

  • October: "Boy Division" and "Tomorrow's Money"
  • November: "Ambulance" and "Gun"
  • December: "The World Is Ugly" (a song sang live a some 2008/2009 concerts), and "The Light Behind Your Eyes"
  • January: "Kiss The Ring" and "Make Room!!!"
  • February: "Surrender The Night" and "Burn Bright."

All the songs will be released some time within the last week or two of the month. They're all going to be A & B side LP's in the complete Conventional Weapons set which is available on My Chemical Romance's website, the digital downloads will also be available for the songs.

Frank ended his blog by saying, "we hope you enjoy these time capsules, and that they may shed a little more light on how and where Danger Days came from, and maybe even where the future of MCR might be heading. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...and now it is finally time to lift the veil on Conventional Weapons."

Fans from all around the world are excited and intrigued for Conventional Weapons. We can only wonder what kind of mass destruction these new songs are going to cause on the fan-base, the world and most importantly My Chemical Romance's future.


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