Ian Watkins to Be Put Behind Bars

The most recent uproar in the British music scene has to be the disturbing case surrounding former Losprophets vocalist Ian Watkins. Over the past year, Watkins has been involved in a case that saw him accused of multiple sexual offenses, thirteen of which he admitted to in November of this year.

The 18th of December saw the 36-year-old sentenced at Cardiff Crown Court for those thirteen offenses. The singer's sentence spans 35 years – 29 years in prison plus six years licence. Watkins is expected to have to serve out at least two-thirds of his sentence, according to reports from the court. This means that the singer will be jailed for a minimum of 19 years before even being considered for parole.

Over the past month, reports have started that the former frontman will be sentenced for crimes including the attempted rape of a baby and several counts of indecent images found on his own personal laptop. As the sentence was read out, the judge explained that Watkins’ actions "plunged into new depths of depravity" and showed that the singer had a "dark and sinister" side.

Watkins’ co-defendants, known only as Woman A and Woman B have been sentenced to 14 years and 17 years respectively. The two were also sentenced for child abuse crimes involving Watkins and their own children.

Reports of further allegations of child abuse by the singer brought around with the publicity of the trial are still being investigated, with the search for any other victims now stretching internationally.

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