Will Judith Survive?

Fans of the hit TV-show The Walking Dead are not new to their favorite characters being killed off in a treacherous and surprising way. In November, fan-favorite character Beth Greene met her devastating demise. Which resulted in Daryl crying, and when Daryl cries, everybody cries. Admit it, who didn't feel Maggie's pain when she saw her beloved dead sister in Daryl's arms? It's obvious characters are constantly biting the dust.

Which brings me to the question: will baby Judith survive?

Introduced in season 3, Judith is looked at as a reason on why the group should keep going. In the past two seasons, she has escaped death a few times. In season 4's "Too Far Gone", Judith was believed to be dead when her baby carriage was covered in blood and surrounded by walkers - causing her father and brother to break down. Later in Season 4, Judith is revealed to be alive and well with Tyreese, Mika, and "Psycho Lizzie." The infant also escaped having the same fate as Mika (murdered) by Lizzie. And let's not forget one of the Terminus folk, the "Termites", putting their hands around little Judith's neck, before Tyreese came to her aid (R.I.P Tyreese, by the way). If the producers wanted to kill Judith, they had their chances before.

Is there a reason that Judith is still alive, unlike the comic books? I believe that Judith is being kept alive because she possibly will be "something" in the future. Maybe in a couple seasons, we could see Judith as a leading female character. I doubt the producers would want to miss a chance of showing the audience how someone born in the apocalypse will deal with the world. And who would want to see a baby killed on television? Walkers will be all she ever knows, so she'll have an advantage over the others. And how cool would it be to see a little girl kick ass? (Just like Clementine from TWDG!) She could also greatly help the group (fit into small places, help make decisions, etc.) and the audience would be able to watch her grow, mentally and physically. So in a way, we would "grow up" with Judith, season after season. Watch her take her first steps, to watching her kill her first walker, to watching her kill her first person. It would be an interesting plot twist to the storyline if Judith was somehow immune to the virus, being born in the apocalypse and all. And if the group is ever morphed into a whole new different group in future years, (meaning that, sadly, everyone in the original group dies) she could mature with them and be kind of a "symbol" of the original group. I honestly think it would be a mistake for the producers to kill off Judith until she's fully developed and the audience gets a feel for who she is. My point is that they can create and alter a lot of storylines with her. Whether it's for entertainment, character development, relationships, or another fan-favorite character, I believe Judith should be kept alive, at least for a long time, or else the producers would miss a golden-opportunity.

So, what do you think? Do you think Judith will be kept alive? Do you think she should be?

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