Quizilla Angers Many and Causes Rebellion

Quizilla Angers Many and Causes Rebellion Recently, the site Quizilla.com has changed its face. The layout, other things, and even the management has changed. Quizilla is now owned by MTV, along with AddictingGames.com and other growing sites.

This is what Quizilla had to say:

"Welcome to the newly redesigned Quizilla! We know change can be hard, but we're still the same Quizilla underneath - and we hope that once you start using the new site you'll grow to love it like you always have."

This sparked the anger of many old users. Negative comments for the post of the Quizilla administrators' journal are adding up.

The users even created a petition which Quizilla denied saying:

"Thanks for letting us know how you feel about the Quizilla redesign. We hope that you're getting used to the new tools and seeing your creations in the new format. Although we know you loved the old site, the underlying programming was not designed for huge numbers of Quizilla users and new types of content. We are not going to revert to the old site. We know change is hard, but we hope you learn to like the new Quizilla with time."

Old users are even creating a new site for their friends. No word on how the progress is going.

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