Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography Everyone wears clothes, at least this is what we hope. Not of recent times, clothes and accessories of these clothes are of high interest, and the way they look and feel is certainly important.

Fashion photography was a logical next step, of course. This type of photography is done for the express purpose of showcasing clothes, accessories and other apparel objects in magazines and other such publications. It is, of course, a matter of advertising products for sale.

No matter if the photos are made to have an androgynous air, a feeling of depravation, or the smell of haute-couture fashion, they are almost always appreciated. And well paid for. The first fashion photographs were published in 1856, and the model was Virginia Oldoini, Countess de Castiglione, a Tuscan noblewoman at the court of Napoleon III. 288 photographs of her wearing her official court garb, so nothing too special or varied, were published in a book then.

Over time, like almost every field in the human activity, this photography style expanded, and went from the simple picture of a piece that was not always worn by a model, to using special effects, decors and even story-lines. Spreads of several pages are now featured in magazines, all to the benefit of fashion houses all over the world. The ones who make the biggest profit, might just be models, though.

For decades now, models suffer a transformation, and, over the night, they are A-list celebrities with stacks of rich men at their feet, ready to fulfill their deepest wishes. From ages as young as 13, girls are made up into being women and are photographed wearing expensive clothes. Once celebrity is attained, their future is 90% assured, and almost all of them end up being some kind of actress, TV-show host, writer, designer or singer. The famous models of 20 years ago are today's successful women, of course.

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