Fur Is Coming Back Into Fashion

Fur Is Coming Back Into Fashion Fur is one of the most expensive fabrics you could buy in the 21st century, mostly because of its origin.

A few years back fur was a bit big hit in the fashion industry, and so many people had to buy it. Then it slowly went out and became "yesterday's news" when animal rights activists became aware of this fur era and did all they could to stop fur getting into the market and saving animals lives by risking their own.

And now after all the struggles of trying to get fur out of fashion it has started to come back on to our runaways.

Recently documentaries are starting to show how and where the fur comes from, which will obviously be set to continue, meaning more tragic death's for popular fur-trade species, such as chinchillas, beavers, ferret and mink. Numbers of these species could plummet with in the next few months.

Is fur really that fashionable? Is fur really worth dieing for? In my opinion fur is just another way of getting money for fabrics we can easily manufacture and make with out taking the lives of poor innocent creatures.

When word gets out, I expect animals rights groups, such as PETA, will demonstrate big protests and more daring stunts in order to stop this once and for all!

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