The ABC Diet

The Ana Boot Camp Diet, or ABC diet is a pro anorexia diet promoting weight loss through a restricted calorie intake. The diet lasts 50 days total, and ensures weight loss during that fifty days. The highest amount of calories that may be eaten is 800 calories for one day, with five days where the dieter is not permitted to eat anything. This diet is guaranteed results because for fifty days the dieter is starving themselves and robbing the nutrients that their body calls for. The after effects of this diet is far from positive; the dieter is at risk of having sudden weight gain once they start eating a normal diet again, depression, malnutrition and an eating disorder after the fifty days has passed.

The recommended minimum by experts for a diet is between 1000-1500 calories a day, with anything other than that having negative risks on a person’s body. Following a diet that promotes an eating disorder such as the ABC diet definitely has risks. A person may become obsessive with their calorie intake and will continue with this diet after the fifty days has passed, causing them to have an eating disorder.

As a person who has had a past with an eating disorder, I can see why this diet would seem tempting to those who want to lose weight. Even to a person without a background of eating disorders may find this diet tempting because of its guarantee to lose weight fast. When nothing else seems to work, they may want to try this quick diet. This diet shouldn’t be an option because of the negative impact it has on a body. While many “Pro Ana” believers will argue that anorexia is a lifestyle choice that is definitely not the case. Anorexia has the most highest of morality rates of all psychological illnesses, because a person with this disorder ultimately starves themselves to death if they do not seek help in time.

Any diet that promotes anorexia should never be a diet you should consider. The risks of becoming anorexic are too heavy and can cause various complications in your heath at any age. Your metabolism will significantly become weaker over a longer period of time after the Ana Boot Camp Diet and make it even harder for you to lose weight in the future. The best possible thing you can do for yourself to prevent weight gain is to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and lead a healthy lifestyle.


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