A Possible New Development in Autism

A new study done at Northwestern University found that autism may not be a disorder that is specifically genetic. Molly Losh is the leading researcher in this unique study. The study found that in identical twins, there are sometimes instances in which one twin has autism and the other does not. This discovery was particularly interesting because it was previously believed that autism was specifically a genetic disorder.

After making that discovery, Losh’s researching team found that in the cases in which one identical twin suffered from autism, and another did not, there was a significant difference in the weight of one twin compared to the weight of the other. The study found that there was a 13 percent increase in the likelihood of being diagnosed with autism for every 100 grams that one twin weighed more than the other.

The researchers believe that this occurrence is partly due to prenatal development. Because the smaller twin is the one with autism, the researchers believe that the development inside the womb could be the cause. It is likely that brain development in the womb was less significant in the smaller twin.

The study will soon be published in medical journals, but for now it is just a theory. There is no doubt that autism is a disorder that still needs to be further researched.

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