Sumerian Culture

Sumer is a culture that was around in 3500 BC, and was located in the area of what is now Iraq. The Sumer is a very intersting people, and it is believed that they were one of the first cultures to be bilingual, with some of its people speaking their own isolated language and the language of the Semitic Akkadian people. This was believed to be brought on by the closeness of the two peoples and their willingness to trade with one another.

The Sumer were a farming people, who were some of the first to use local water irrigation with their crops, which led to their crops being some of the most successful. They also replenished the nutrients in their soil, which helped their crops grow throughout the years. This success with their farming led to the Sumerian people rising in population very quickly.

With its rise in population, the Sumers required more labor to keep up with the farming demands, and this led to the culture's first division of labor, which also, in turn, led to more arts and crafts being created by them. The Sumers were also one of the first people to begin developing their writing technique, which is quite a feat.

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