Dystopian Fiction

While dystopian fiction has always been a fun, imaginitive genre of literature, its popularity is expanding these days as the new arrivals of books and stories are pouring in for readers. It sparked with The Hunger Games, but then obtained more and more publicity as writers decided to try their pick at this exciting genre of writing.

Dystopian fiction is basically the opposite of utopian fiction. While utopian fiction revolves around an ideal world, dystopian centers around a building nightmare. As most of us know, the world in The Hunger Games is life-threatening as it prepares the young ones for murderous games, which isn't exactly an ideal world to live in.

One of the most common reasons why dystopian fiction is so popular is because it gives writers lots of freedom with their imagination to create futuristic worlds with their own negative spins on it. It rises creativity and introduces lots of possibilities, from insane technological advances to unbearable governments. Starters, written by Lissa Price, and the Divergent series by Veronica Roth, are also popular dystopian fiction novels.

There are so many different books that display the true creativity of the author, but dystopian fiction is definitely one of the most exposing genres. Not only do you have fun writing it, but you can build up on ideas to make any kinds of worlds you want to, since in the future there are so many chances of things happening. So go ahead and try dystopian fiction - you may like it!

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