Ten Easy Ways to Help Others

Ten Easy Ways to Help Others Many people would just love to help others but think they are unable to. However, it is much easier to help others than you may think. It is sometimes literally as easy as a click of the mouse. Of course, the bigger things require much more effort, but the smaller ones add up long-term.

Search Engines that Donate

There are a few search engines out there that actually donate a percent of their profit per search! The one that is probably the most known is Goodsearch. Goodsearch lets you donate to any charity you want as long as they’re signed up with Goodsearch. If the charity you want to donate to is not signed up with Goodsearch, be sure to notify them about Goodsearch, so you can begin searching for them. In the meantime, search for another charity. Some other search engines that donate include Search Kindly, Charity Café, and The Environment Site.

Click-to-Donate Websites

Click-to-donate websites donate a bit when you click a button on their website. They do this by using a percent of the money they receive from advertising. There are tons of websites that do this, and you could end up spending over a half an hour just clicking them all. However, clicking a few only costs a few minutes of your time and eventually is worth it in the end when all the days you’ve clicked them add up.

A well-known website that is similar to these click-to-donate websites is actually a game called FreeRice.. It donates rice to those starving in poor countries. It was originally just a vocabulary game, but you can now switch the subject to foreign languages, chemistry symbols, and more! It is a win-win game, because you will also learn using FreeRice. For example, I learned all of the chemistry symbols I needed using FreeRice and some I didn't. A lot of the chemistry symbols were on quizzes, and I received mostly A's on those quizzes.

Some click-to-donate sites:

TheNonProfits.com - List of Over 60 Sites With Click-to-Donate
The Hunger Site - Has tabs at the top to other click-to-donate sites that are in its network.

Signing Petitions

Signing petitions has never been easier with the Internet! By using sites like Care2 and many more petition sites, you can sign or create a petition on just about anything your heart desires in the privacy and comfort of your own home! Some popular petition topics include animal welfare and rights, human rights, the environment, and much, much more.

However, there has been some controversy over whether these petitions are actually effective or not. Some argue that the people who receive these petitions “just laugh”. Also, the petition might be sent to the wrong person. If the petition is taken seriously, however, you can voice your opinion with adding a comment, which will give your signature a much higher impact.

Of course, it will always be more effective to start a physical petition using a pen and paper, but it’s much more convenient to start one on the Internet. There are some templates for physical petitions here that are fully customizable.

Spread the Word

Spreading the word about a company's ethical issues can be one of the easiest things you could do that can actually be rather effective. There is an infinite amount of ways you can spread the word from YouTube videos to writing a Mibba article. With the Internet, you can reach a vast amount of people around the world in minutes! Be creative and noticeable. Don't worry so much about what people will think if you condemn one of their favorite companies.

Send letters, e-mails, calls, etc.

If a company has some moral issues, be sure to let them know you do not support them. If enough people tell them they are doing wrong, they may stop. Also, if you see a pet store not caring for an animal properly (e.g. using cedar bedding,) be sure to tell them about it and ways to improve their pet conditions. Try to mention how their moral issues will effect their profit.

It is also important to use correct grammar if you write a letter or e-mail. If you need to, ask someone you know to check the grammar of your paper or e-mail. View this article on common grammar mistakes.


Volunteering can take as little a two hours on a weekend and is extremely helpful to non-profits, who need to worry about other, more important things than changing a litter box or picking up a phone (not that those are not also important.) There are many non-profits you can volunteer for in a variety of types from food kitchens to animal shelters. There are also some sites to help you find volunteering opportunities near you.

The DMOZ has a few lists of websites that can help you find volunteer opportunities.

For Teens
General List

Limit the Amount of Meat in Your Diet

Even if it's just a little bit you limit out, it can still help. Go vegetarian a few times a week. The meat industry not only kills animals but is also damaging to the environment and sometimes to your health. Of course, going completely vegetarian is going to save many more animal lives and help out the environment a lot more than only cutting meat out a day or two a week. For those who decide to go completely vegetarian, be sure you're getting the nutrition you need.

Donating Doesn't Require You to Have Much Money

It really doesn't require money at all, as long as you have some old things at your house you don't want. You can either have a huge yard sale with the things you no longer want/need, or you could donate them to places that accept used donations. Even if you have some food you don't want (as long as it's still good and isn't opened,) you can donate that to a local homeless shelter.

Listen to Someone

Listening to someone can help them significantly. If someone is having a hard time, you have a great chance at helping them. Be sure not to criticize them or offer advice when it's not wanted. Many people just need someone who will actually listen to them. Console them only when they're done, so they have the chance to get everything off of their chest. If you can, give them a huge hug.

Do the Small Things

Help your mom clean the house, help an old lady cross the street, give someone a thank you, etc. The small things can improve someone's mood, and their happiness can last a few hours. Randomly smile for no reason wherever you go. A smile can be quite contagious, and so can a laugh. Share new jokes you learned with someone, so they, too, can laugh. Make someone's day by doing something small.

Doing one good thing a week can make a huge difference long-term, whether it be traveling hours away to protest a company or giving someone a hug. It all adds up. It will not only help someone else but will also make yourself feel good, thus eventually adding tons of confidence to your self-image. Go do something wonderful.

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