The Truth Behind The Word Emo

The Truth Behind The Word Emo This is a very touchy subject for some teenager and parents. I been reading about this all over the Internet and in magazines. Some of it frankly is a loud of lies and all fake. People stereotype us, the self harmers, as 'Emo'.

Does anyone know where that label began? With music, yes, music, emotional music. How it got mixed in with teenagers, not many people know. Not all emos cut, or self harm and not all people who self harm are emo. Many are the loud funny student who sits next to you in math class. Others might be that sad lonely kid who sits in the far back.

Self harming is as simple as sticking a safety pen in their skin, burning theirselves, taking a sharp object and cutting their skin, scratching theirselves to the point of skin breakage and there is much much more ways to hurt one's self. Myself is guilty of pretty much all of them.

Not everyone who does this is seeking attention, help, or it's the new fab. I do know people who do this for attention from their parents and peers, or they show them off for someone to help them out with their issues. Even someone who does it as a fab, it's ridiculous. Other kids I know really do have issues that need to be dealt with, and all they know is pain.

Cutting is the most common one known to the public. Many do it for different reasons. It gives off high, also makes everything numb for a few minutes. I know this feeling a little too well. It does different things for everyone. Some do it on their arms, or legs, or wrists. Anywhere really. Some do it places no one else will ever see unless they undress. It depends on the person.

All of them need help though. Calling them emo for going to the only thing they know is not the right way. Yes, I do fall under that stereotype. Does anyone understand why kids who cut dress like the style emo? A lot of the lists I found make sense and if you know the feeling you will know also.

Tight jeans, they don't irate the newly cut skin as the baggier jeans do. Long sleeves, jackets, hoodies, sweaters, etc... People wear them to hide what they have done to themselves. The long fringed hair, many do this to hide their faces, because frankly, a lot of us can't control our emotions and who wants to be called out in class because they are crying? The rest, like studded belts, gloves, Converse or skate shoes, messenger bags, etc... Are just what they like to wear. Skate shoes are very comfortable and easy to walk in. Gloves also help hide cuts on the wrists or arms, which is why they were originally worn. A lot of bangles or brackets, not everyone wears them because they look cool.

And these kids who try to hide this are considered emo for it. This is something that needs to be stopped. Kids who dress like this, who don't self harm are self harming because of all the stuff that is going on!

No way am I saying every kid you see dressed up like that cut, many of them don't. It's just clothes, nothing more. And wearing those clothes won't make you depressed and want to kill yourself.

Scars, it's something every self harmer has. They fade, but not all of them. It's reminders of that part of life when everyone kicked us down to a breaking point. Many people didn't survive this, too.

So next time you see a kid dressed like that, or writes in the back of the class. Don't mark them off as evil emos but another person who just maybe needs someone to talk too. They are people who just feel more than others.

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