Conspiracy Theories: Hitler Survived 30 April, 1945?

Conspiracy Theories: Hitler Survived 30 April, 1945? The war was blazing in the center of Berlin. A warm spring night turned into a scorching hot summer night; smoke and fire were on every path. 50 and more degrees in the air. Berlin was ravaged; impending doom was hovering over the German city. Hanna Reitsch, one of the few good pilots in the Third Reich landed her plane on the Tiergarten.

Her loyalty to Adolf Hitler was beyond belief, inexplicable. Through the ruins of Berlin, she made it to his bunker. The officers, drunken officers gave up on the war. A few meters further, the Nazi leader was dying. Her heart was breaking, shattering; she wanted to die with her hero.

“NO!” Hitler said.

With the same, strong and persuasive voice he told her that the war wasn’t over. He was still standing with his head held high, with his power standing strong. As long as his heart was beating, Nazism would live. Hanna knew that. She was there for a reason - to help Nazism live; to help Hitler escape.

“That’s your next important mission, the Führer said.

Four days later, on April 30, around 11 PM, Berlin was still covered in smoke. Tiptoeing but breathing heavily while the hearts of three figures were pounding with anticipation, they reached Hanna’s small plane. Hanna, Eva Braun and - Hitler himself. The toothbrush moustache gave him away. A pistol and three capsules of cyanide he kept in his pocket. Just in case the Russians grabbed a hold of them. Hanna told the Fuhrer that the aircraft was too small for three people but he didn’t obey. He was determined to take his new wife with him.

With extra passenger, Hanna was convicted to super skills of keeping the plane in the air. Hitler looked down, spotting his glorious Reich in flames.

Fire was the only thing he could see. His heart was pounding, thinking of the task he had given to his valet, Heinz Linge. Hitler was confident that it would be carried out perfectly. But what was the mysterious task? The Führer asked his loyal servant to arrange the execution of a younger woman and a middle aged man. Afterwards, to dress their dead bodies in the clothes of Hitler and his new wife. The corpses should have been cremated then beyond recognition.

Thinking of the scenario and visibly smirking, the three figures reached their temporary destination - the town of Travemunde. Massive flying boat was sparkling under the moonlight, waiting for them. Minutes after 4 AM, the plane navigated by Captain Ernst Koenig, took off, heading for - Greenland, Hitler’s final destination.

Is it possible that this scenario could have happened? Is it possible that the Führer and his Eva did not die in so called Tombstone by committing suicide?

Guy Walters’ researches claim so.

At first, the Russians claimed that Hitler was kept safe by Americans and the British. Later was revealed that it was nothing but Stalin’s mind game at the beginning of the Cold War.

Years and years have passed since 30 April 1945. Yet so often somebody claims to have seen Hitler himself. Alive and kicking. Theories were born each day; one claimed that Hitler had escaped to Argentina. In September 1945, a man saw Hitler and Martin Bormann, his private secretary, sailing out of Hamburg. The Allies had to take every sighting seriously but after conducting an investigation, this theory was declared - groundless.

Later that year, the Allies received another report - a Danish woman said that her psychic friend had dreamed about Hitler; supposedly, he was a monk in a monastery in Spain. According to reports, Hitler was a globe trotter defying the laws of physics; he was seen at ten different places in one day. He even became a scientist living on the Moon.

In 1947, one theory sparked the imagination of the audience. William F. Heimlich, an American former intelligence officer spoke up, telling that Hitler was alive, hiding in Europe. His theory was believable since he devoted the years after the war searching for Hitler. He claimed that Hitler and Bormann escaped the bunker and Berlin with the help from certain people. Yet, without any shred of evidence, his theory wasn’t any more convincing than the Moon one.

Hugh Trevor-Roper, a historian and MI6 officer, carried out a reliable investigation of Hitler’s death. Thanks to the testimonies of those who were around Hitler in his final hours, Trevor-Roper deduced that Hitler had indeed killed himself. His corpse and that of Eva Braun were set ablaze. Hanna Reitsch, the woman from the beginning of the story, just like Heinz Linge, have published their memoirs; from their words it's obvious that Hitler cracked a cyanide capsule in his mouth and then shot himself. Those facts are now part of the history.

The famous skull fragment believed to belong to Hitler has recently been dismissed as evidence. The fragment possessed by the Russians shows that the bullet hole is too small compared to a Walther PPK, the gun Hitler used. Furthermore, the fragment looks clean while it should be more damaged, knowing that Hitler's body was almost totally burned. Recently has been revealed that the famous fragment belongs to a female; between 20 and 40 years of age. Could be just one of many war victims. Some claimed that it was Eva's skull - that statement was soon dismissed since Eva died of cyanide poisoning, not a gunshot to the head.

On 2 May, Red Army troops unearthed the remains of Hitler, Eva Braun and two dogs. The autopsy showed a gunshot to the head and debris of glass inside Hitler's mouth. Those who claim that the Nazi leader could have escaped death on April 30, have one more evidence to be concerned about. When the army dig out the remains, they found Hitler's lower and upper jaw which were identical to X-rays of Hitler's teeth and skull. His dentist, Hugo Blaschke even confirmed so. The jaw fragment is less known to people and is hidden in KGB archives.

Just like with other people that left a huge impact on the world's history, there will always be some claiming they have seen Hitler, Presley, Lady Di. Evidence show that Hitler died on April 30 in the capital of Germany; he didn't fly out of Berlin, he didn't steal a spaceship and landed on the Moon. He didn't escape death on April 30..


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