"In a Perfect World"-Utopia

"In a Perfect World"-Utopia I was curious to what exactly utopia was so I look at several online dictionaries and what they said over all was "An ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects". Utopia, I found out, was also taken from the Greek word meaning "nowhere". However, after more thought I found that what I am really discussing is a Utopian Place or a utopia for humankind as it is (with its flaws). I look at the definition of this too and found "desirable, but idealistic and impossible".

Thus a utopia is possible for one person but not for many. When you are an individual you think, act, and respond in your own way. Since our society thinks, acts, and responds differently, everyone's utopia would differ slightly or greatly. Being an individual and having different thoughts is what keeps us from having a utopian society.
Happiness is often associated with utopia. Happiness, however, as we discussed in class is very controversial. If murdering people to venting anger is what makes personA happy personB might be sadden and adverse about the act which would cause great upset in a utopia. However, who do get rid of? Both personA and personB were just seeking happiness.

In addition, utopias are also associated with the words perfect and peaceful. However if you look at the relativist (a people mentioned to be me by my brother who is studying philosophy at college) they believed that the prefect society was one where you had to seek a heroic death in battle. They thought a life of un-orderly battle and daily activities is what made a utopian society. Since they had so many battles, it also could be said that their idea of a utopia did not include peace either. However, the relativists had a society that was nearly a perfect utopia (with their believes governing their society).

Another reason I feel that a utopian society is not possible for humankind now is people are set in their ways. Children, who have been told that being a lefty is bad and wrong, will write with their right hand even if they were born lefty. Children grow up with the ideas and prejudges that they were taught or exposed to during childhood. Therefore as children around the world or even the children who grow up a cross the street from you grow up they will keep what they were taught and blend it with what they learn from experiences making them have individual thoughts. Therefore, only personal utopias can be reached not utopias for groups of people. A utopian society is "desirable, but idealistic and impossible".

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