Austin Carlile: Arrested

By now, you may know that Austin Carlile was arrested. Lionel Robinson was also arrested. The news of their arrests hit the Internet on April Fool's Day, leading many people to believe, at the time, that it was a joke.

Austin and Lionel were arrested in Bowling Green, Ohio for felonious assult, meaning they directly and physically hurt another person. The two men were involved in a fight between two groups of people, which was alerting to Bowling Green Police. When police arrived at the scene, a person was on the ground unconcious with fractured nasal bones. The "victim" was taken to the hospital and the two men were taken into custody.

They were released from the Wood County Justice Center, Austin on a $25,000 bond. The bond stated that Austin (sources did not state the same for Lionel) must appear in court on the day of April 15 at 9:00 a.m, if not, he must pay back the bond in its entirety. Additional conditions were that Austin must not have any sort of contact with the alleged victim and must not cause, attempt, or threaten harm to any person or property, and if he does not heed the preceeding conditions, he must pay an extra fee of $25.

Of Mice and Men were unable to perform the concert dates the day of and the day directly after Austin and Lionel's arrests, but the band got right back at it again and continued the tour with A Day To Remember. (P.S. The intro image is the first photo he posted of himself on Instagram after the incident.)

Why Did Austin Get in a Fight, Anyway?

The reason and cause of the fight officially stays unknown. The rumor (yes, a rumor, because it has no proof) is that the victim was bad mouthing Katelyn Norman. Katelyn Norman was an Of Mice and Men fan who lost her battle with cancer at 14, before she could attend an OM&M concert. Her story touched the band, the fans, and the country after it was told on national news broadcasting station, ABC.

The following are Austin's tweets a day before his arrest (he did not tweet the day of).

@austincarlile 29 Mar
Heaven gained another angel this morning. #RIPKatelynNorman Her light will never go out. She’ll always be in my heart. I promised her that.
@austincarlile 28 Mar
I told her not to be afraid because she wouldn’t be alone. My mom is already an angel and would be taking care of her.
‏@austincarlile 28 Mar
Please keep Katelyn & her family in your prayers tonight, she is in critical condition, doctors have sedated her. She is a true inspiration.

Austin was moved by her cancer story, as he always is by fans telling their stories of self-harm, attempted suicide, bullying, anything of that sort. We continue to be an inspiration for him, as he is to us. Austin even had Katelyn's name tattooed near his knee.

However, nothing concerning the cause of the fight has been said by Austin, Of Mice and Men, Bowling Green Police, or the victim. It's safe to say, though, that Austin did not break a guy's nose without any reason. Austin has, on many occasions, promised to hurt anyone who treats girls without respect or hurt people who don't wear seatbelts. I don't personally know Austin and a lot of us don't, but we trust him and, as our hero, we owe him and he deserves the benefit of the doubt. Austin Carlile is not a criminal.


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