MS Readathon Australia

MS Readathon Australia For those who don’t know, the MS Readathon is a national reading-based fundraiser, raising thousands of dollars each year for Australians living with Multiple Sclerosis.

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system and can leave patients unable to speak, walk or write.

I’ve participated in the MS Readathon twice before and I plan to again this year, I have no idea if other countries have their own MS fundraiser but I live in Australia so we have It here and I think it’s a wonderful idea.

It’s a month of reading and going door knocking to raise funds and if you’re a fanatical bookworm like myself it’s an awesome way to keep reading and raise money for a good cause. This year I'm going to organize for my high school and the primary school to do the Readathon so I hope a lot of kids take interest.

I’m writing this article because I believe that more Australian teenagers should get involved, especially you people here on Mibba, and we out of most teenagers would read more than any. When the Readathon is on I go down to the local library and just sit there for hours reading short books and it’s as simple as that.

I’ve heard my own father say, "I'm too old to care". If everyone takes on the same perspective and just shrug off their responsibility to the world then who will care? Who will raise funds by shaving their head, who will buy those cuddly little Red Cross bears? If no one does anything then nothing will happen and the problem won’t go away

I feel so passionately about fundraising and the lack of which people do for organizations throughout the whole world. It just frustrates me when a man or woman earning $78k a year can’t donate one dollar to charities, because they believe them a “scam”. That especially riles me up, how can finding the cure for leukemia be a ‘scam’!

It doesn’t matter what local fundraiser is on, if a doorknocker comes to your door give them a dollar! Give them five bucks! Give them something; most people don’t understand that the difference between finding the cure for cancer could be two dollars away...

So to the whole world – if someone comes to your door looking for a donation don’t just shut the door in their face! Or volunteer to a local organization to do some fundraising for them!

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