To Compromise or Not to Compromise

To Compromise or Not to Compromise Every day is, for many, one more compromise with life. Every day, one makes a compromise: life isn't an overly large bitch, they live one more day. And so on, sometimes to amazing depths, like lives that extend to the size of a century.
There are two categories of people: the ones who compromise and the ones who don't.

The ones who compromise might extend to compromise who they are, to lose who they are, to compromise over an identity that fades by day. They compromise every day that they take one more piece of shit from the overly rich, underly qualified boss, they compromise every day that they accept one more thing to be put on them. And so it comes to a society of sad, mass-produced clones of a person that is the perfect subject to the influence of a blood-sucking creature that is the person behind a large corporation.

The ones who don't compromise...will get nowhere, because being able to compromise is a vital issue handling life with diplomacy, and therefore rocking at it. Life must be negotiated to the last penny of it, if one doesn't want to get their ass kicked real hard. You must negotiate every piece of a day, and obtain the best of everything, and, sometimes, that can only be done by accepting a compromise - which will always be in your favor.

In fact, we're all lying to ourselves, by compromising just one bit more, just one more time. We'll always make ourselves believe that we got the better side, that our glass is really full, not half full, or, God forbid, less than half full(in which case you're one piece of a dummy ass).

One of my favorite authors, Ambrose Bierce, said it best:

"Compromise. Such an adjustment of conflicting interests as gives each adversary the satisfaction of thinking he has got what he ought not to have, and is deprived of nothing except what was justly his due."

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