Hate Days go by, people are born, live and die. That has always been a universal truth, and as much as we may sometimes try to change it, it will always be the truth. Truth, blatant truth, a thing that may, at times, come and hit you over the head, with a bang and leaving a mark.

What we don’t know, or at least do not admit, is that every day we die a little bit. Every day, every cell of our bodies divides and follows its way into nothingness. Our cells start dividing slower and slower, until they don’t divide anymore, and that’s when we are biologically dead. But isn’t it sad that so many of us die without really living? Which one of the ones reading can honestly say, that if they were to die right now, they would be proud to say “I lived. I lived my life”. I know, for myself, that I would be half ashamed. I have felt, a number of times, my life wash by me. I would be half ashamed because I would be disappointed in myself for having wasted my time hating. Hating things, hating feelings, hating people, hating myself. Do we really want to wake up being 70 and realizing we have wasted our time hating something we can’t change? Why not learn to love it?

If we just stopped all the crappy things for one minute... If only we could pause our ridiculously busy lives, and take in what's going on. We might realize we're wasting precious time.

I don’t have pretensions of being a real author. I don’t have pretensions of my words meaning something to you. All I’m doing is giving out a suggestion. Don’t hate. Just don’t hate.

I hate the fact that people hate.

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