Politics When hearing the word "politics", one is right to think of a process by which people or groups of people make decisions, generally applied in case of government behavior. From ancient times, people seem to have struggled to become representatives of their men, to take decisions in their name. In Ancient Greece, representatives were chosen by the people, meanwhile in the Roman Empire, for example, a totalitarian regime was going on.

With what probably are the most important elections in the world coming up, questions arise. What qualifies a man to become the most important representative of a people? Honesty, high education, wealth, intelligence, wit, grace? Humanity?

Perhaps humanity is a quality should be firstly looked for in a person that is trusted with hundred of millions of people, with the children of tomorrow. Because humanity has become a characteristic too easily taken for granted in the world of today.

How does a citizen know that the man he is about to vote for is there to make things better, not for some more power, not there for the sake of money and a comfortable life, with all types of benefits? He can just hope so.

Wouldn't the blatant majority of us be tempted, so tempted, to cheat? To accept risky business, for the sake of having a comfortable future? If I were in the shoes of a candidate to the presidential chair, I would be scared. It's a responsibility bigger than no other to become the man responsible of so many things. We all saw what happened to George W. Bush (may he rest in peace once he's out of the White House, because he's done). Perhaps he didn't have his best interest in mind when starting a war for petrol, but was he really honest?

There's also the issue of the voter that is not honest. Is really a badge, or anything free that you might get worth a vote? A promise that you can see is obvious fiction will do it?
Politics, I think, is as blind as love. You can't really know the truth, until you get a real proof. The proof may bring you to dismal, and disappoint you, because it's not the proof of real love, but of the lack of it. Sure, your heart will be broken, but, hopefully, you'll be able to get over it, and, after a while, get a new president.

But there's nothing worse than not loving. Vote, if you can.

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