Clean Energy From Kinetic Energy

Over in Cleveland, Ohio, an electric company has invented a new way to create a green and new clean energy source. These companies have a product that will harvest the kinetic energy from you just walking or running and use it to charge items like your iPhone. It can go from tapping your foot to walking up the stairs, even just getting up to go to the kitchen. Inventor Aaron Lemieux says, “For very efficient devices like an iPod Nano, 1 minute of walking will generate 1 minute of play time, while running will generate 5 times that. For less efficient devices like cell phones, 15 minutes of walking will generate enough power for 1 minute of talk time. A full day of walking will recharge an iPhone by about 20%.” (1)

This Baton-like object is only 10 inches long and 14 ounces in weight. Just by strapping this to your backpack, hand, pocket or any other area, it will absorb the kinetic energy for you to use in a later use. The Baton has a spring loaded magnet which bobs within an inductive coil, generating electricity so you will have new clean energy. Seeing as energy can neither be created or destroyed this will also be a renewable energy source. (1)

Aaron Lemieux, the inventor and founder of Tremont Electric, was an engineering student on a hike. During this hike he got tired of having to keep buying batteries every time he went to get food in town while camping, it was then that he came up with an idea to see what he could do to make energy out of stuff like his backpack that was moving with him. He then left the trail at three quarters of the way to begin his work and ideas on a prototype of portable battery devices to take in and absorb the energy from human movement. (1)

This device would help a lot of people on the go that needed to charge their devices. It is a great choice as it uses clean and renewable energy. The kinetic energy baton was a good choice to work with. You could be in a natural disaster or stuck in your house during a huge blizzard like Hurricane Sandy. All you would have to do is have this shake up or down, side to side. It will then store the energy for you to use later on. (1)

Kinetic energy is expressed into moving objects, so when you are running on a treadmill or even bench pressing, you are 'creating' energy. A rollercoaster in motion is a good example of constant kinetic energy in use and in motion. The idea to use the energy we or anything in motion to store and use later on is a great invention to have for being sustainable and producing clean energy. (1)

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