The Rise and Fall of Manny Pacquiao

I guess it's not unexpected, and nor is it the outcome of his career.

It isn't exactly a fall, figuratively speaking, but it literally was a fall.

Two, actually, Manny Pacquiao fell twice, in what felt like years.

Now, if you're a Pacquiao fan like me, you're devastated (which I was). It's hard because we knew it was going to come eventually. He had even spoke about retiring within the next few fights; he had no plans on boxing while in his 40s. Yet it still broke my heart into a million pieces.

Now in this little segment of mine I will be splitting it into two portions. Of course, my opinion, and then the facts. And I will also be visiting the Bradley fight, cause I have a few things I found out recently. But I'm sure a large number of you either share the same opinion, seen the facts, or both. If you're in that group, feel free to skip over this article.

My Opinion

All ten of my fingers point to the Bradley fight. Not just the Bradley fight, but the judges, and the all of those idiotic officials who believe they did the right thing in moving the glory onto another, younger, and the next big guy. Now, if you've seen the boxing and sports tabloids, Manny Pacquiao is not pursuing another match with him. I respect his decision and believe that he's choosing the paths he wants to take to pursue what he wants in the future. Whether it be boxing, politics in the Philippines, or a more personal goal.

Even though he doesn't talk about being angry about anything, everyone has a temper. And every single person I know, short tempered or not, was angry. Sure, maybe Pacquiao wasn't angry, but I'm sure he was frustrated. And being the person he is, I'm sure he wasn't frustratedat Bradley. Or even the judges. I'm sure he was thinking I can do better. And he could. He would have been able to.

But let's face it. Manny Pacquiao is getting old. It's inevitable. Everyone grows old, gets weaker, and loses skill.

Anyways, moving onto yesterday,―or this weekend, depending when you're reading this―Manny Pacquiao was knocked out. Knocked out.

I was surprised that he fell the first time. There was one second left in the round. One second. It's just so frustrating. And I can't take it.

First I was shocked. Then I wanted to cry. After, I realized. It had to happen one day. It was bound to happen. But why now? It was like stripping my superhero of his cape. I'm sure you've felt that way once before.

But I just wanted to say, Marquez did well. He should be proud.

The Facts

Have any of you guys searched up Manny Pacquiao recently?

I know this news is kind of old, and there might even be an article about it here already, but I decided I wanted to cover this while we were at it.

After many demands, WBO decided to hold an investigation on the victory Bradley had over Pacquiao. Now, the result came out quite straight forward. posted the documents online which can be found here. On the top, is the WBO's five judges they had chosen to review the fight, and at the bottom is the score card from the judges who judged the fight at the time. All in all, it's pretty obvious the fight was a fluke.

Now, there's not much left to say.

The Marquez fight was fair and even. All I hope is that Pacquiao at least ends his career on a good note. Don't you agree?

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