NHL Player Diagnosed with a Stroke

Fans of the Pittsburgh Penguins didn't know what to expect when Kris Letang sat out during the team's west coast trip. The team released vague statements that Letang was out due to an illness, something described as "nothing life threatening", which left fans to ponder what could possibly be the issue. It had already been a rough season so far for the defenseman, who'd missed 19 games earlier in the season due to an elbow infection and a knee injury.

Most fans had suspected the flu, but when the real story broke, the hockey community was left speechless. Letang, a healthy 26 year old husband and father, had suffered a stroke. He had begun feeling ill while the team was in Los Angeles, and upon being tested in Phoenix, the haunting news was delivered. A small hole was also found in the wall of the player's heart, something that is suspected to be a cause in the stroke.

The news is daunting, but in the light of this situation, Letang is hoping that by making this public he can help raise awareness. In a statement made to the press, he encouraged people to "seek medical help if they experience any of the symptoms associated with a stroke- regardless of age or general health".

"It was obviously a shock to get the news, but I'm optimistic that I can overcome this and get back on the ice," Letang said. He is being treated currently with blood thinners, and his condition will be reassessed again in six weeks.

As of right now, he is currently vacationing with his family over the Olympic break. The Penguins' GM Ray Shero is confident that Kris will be able to resume his career with the Pittsburgh Penguins in the future.

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