British Teenage Diver Reported Missing.

British Teenage Diver Reported Missing. A British teenager was reported missing off the Devon coast on Tuesday the 12th of August.

Louis Price, from Newport, South Wales, was diving from a rigid, inflatable boat in Torbay with his father. Both were experienced divers.

A search operation was started as soon as the alarm was raised. Helicopters, lifeboats and police diving teams were involved on the second day of the search. The alarm was raised by a boat called Jennifer Ann, because the dive boat didn’t have a radio on board.

Police said the father was the first to surface following the dive but that the boy was seen to surface soon after. When the boy surfaced, he was in no obvious signs of distress, and appeared buoyant.

Louis’s father was a member of a Newport diving club. He hadn’t been a member for years, but he was an enthusiastic and well-liked member of the club when he was. The group’s thoughts are with Louis’s parents, and his family and friends.

His friends are very upset – I personally know one of his close friends, and I also live in the same area that he comes from.

The search has been called off after the second day.

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