Underground Civilization

Underground Civilization It would be impossible for any human to live in the depths of Earth. First, the overly hot temperatures and the lack of oxygen would be all it takes to kill any civilization attempting to form under Earth’s layer. Scientists believe that if anyone does indeed live underground, they would most likely be of extraterrestrial origin. The technology would be amongst any advances made today and in years to follow. Some have claimed to have seen this ‘underground civilization’ but the proof is minimal.

Richard Shaver was the one who brought up the subject in 1946. His story of having made contact with such beings in an underground realm was published in Amazing Stories Magazines. He claims to have spent several weeks with these creatures, whose description, he said to have been familiar to those from fairytales.

Many believed it was nothing but a simple hoax to gain attention, but that soon turned into a doubt. Hundreds who read his story, came forward and wrote about their own experiences. They too claimed to have visited an underground city and talked to many of the residents. The technology there made it possible for them to survive such arduous heat.

UFOlogists are coming to believe that an underground civilization could be possible. Although, for centuries these claims are known to be just myths and tales passed down by ancestors from generation to generation. The tales date back to ancient times and describe this hidden society to be filled with breathtaking land and other splendid views.

It was in 1963 when two miners found a large entryway in one of the tunnels they had been digging in. Upon opening the abundant door, behind it, they found a long set of stairs leading them deep into earth. Other miners say to sometimes hear mechanical devices as they work in those tunnels. They also believe to have found a stairway too and as they neared, the sound of these devices became stronger and in fear, they ran away. When they came back, the stairs and the entryway was nowhere in sight.

It is more than possible that these towns exist but it is a known fact that the government has built underground tunnels and sanctuaries for numerous reasons. Other countries had also been building their own underfoot facilities and it isn’t thoroughly astonishing that America was doing just the same. COG was another reason for them to use the tunnels if Armageddon was to arrive.

On to another subject, an anthropologist (anthropology: The scientific study of the origin, the behavior, and the physical, social, and cultural development of humans.) by the name of James McKenna and other members accompanying him on exploring a certain cave, could hear screams and eerie moans as they traveled deeper into the cavern. They also stumbled across human skeletons but they immediately headed back, for the strong smell of brimstone was too much to bear.

If aliens were living in Earth’s depth, by now, wouldn’t it be likely for someone to have found these so called gates to their city? If all these declarations are to be proven true, then it would explain a lot of unsolved mysteries that occur around the world.

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