Skittles Supports Unnecessary Animal Testing

Skittles Supports Unnecessary Animal Testing I've come across many Mibbians who not only enjoy Skittles but are a bit over-obsessed with them. Many of these Mibbians assume that since certain celebrities enjoy Skittles that they must be cruelty-free and exceptionally tasty.

However, the former is not true at all, and the latter is just someone’s opinion. Did you know that Mars, the company that owns Skittles, has funded many cruel, barbaric, and unnecessary tests on animals?

One of these tests were to see the effects of chocolate on rats. Rats were force-fed chocolate through plastic tubes forced down their throats. The experimenters then cut the rats' legs open to expose an artery, which was clamped shut to block blood flow. Afterward, the rats were killed. Do we not know that chocolate can easily be harmful for both animals and humans?

Rats are not the only victims of Mars’ unnecessary cruelty. Mice, guinea pigs, and rabbits were also subject to callous cruelty of the company that owns Skittles candy. For example, Mars decided to support a test in which rabbits were forced to eat high-cholesterol food with varying amounts of cocoa. The vivisectors then cut out tissue from the rabbits’ primary blood vessel to the heart to examine what the cocoa had done to the rabbit’s muscle tissue.

Another example involves guinea pigs. The vivisectors attached plastic tubes arteries in the guinea pigs’ necks and injected them with cocoa to see what the cocoa would do to a guinea pig’s blood pressure. Why must we test the effects of cocoa on a guinea pig? Would it not be obvious to the average person that cocoa would be quite damaging to a guinea pig’s body? Don’t we already know what cocoa does to humans? We’ve already tested cocoa on humans trillions of times. We should not condone this horrific treatment of animals done by Mars Candy.

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