Parents Agree To Chemo For Boy Who Ran Away

Parents Agree To Chemo For Boy Who Ran Away After a week of the thirteen year old Daniel Hauser and his mother hiding from the officials due to them not wanting Daniel to go through chemo the second time, this past Monday his mother agreed to chemo.

Daniel was diagnosed with a disease that would kill him if he didn't try chemo. His mother was using household chemicals and other alternatives to try to save her son considering she did not trust chemotherapy.

The officials were after her and already had an arrest warrant. Once the mother and son team came back to their hometown in Minnesota, they were tried in court. It was against the law to disagree with hospital officials when the officials believed that if the boy didn't use chemo, he would die. Technically, she would be commiting murder to her own son.

She finally agreed to chemo after she went to court. Daniel, however, still doesn't like the idea of going through chemo a second time. He had already tried it once and he didn't like it. To be honest, no one is going to like chemotherapy. The boy should've agreed, but even though he does know he might die, he still doesn't want chemotherapy.

The officials of their town talked to the judge after the trial and they told him that they thought it would be safe if Daniel was in their custody. The judge agreed and Daniel was taken into custody by the county. Daniel is still allowed to sleep at his farm with his parents, although a deputy has to be around at all times to make sure the mother doesn't run away with the boy again or if she gives him toxic chemicals as an alternative. The mother herself said that she would still be using the chemicals but she, "...will not use any toxic chemicals."

Daniel is scheduled to have a second try at chemo later next week.

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