LGBT Discrimination

Discrimination against the LGBT community has been around since...well, who knows how long. Lately, however, discrimination has been an understatement. Innocent people are killed because of their sexual orientation. Many others are bullied beyond their boiling point. This may be coming from a member of the LGBT community, but this has to stop sometime.

I'm sure many of you are aware that discrimination will not end anytime soon. However, many agree that it should die down in order to help this country stay united. Statistics currently show that twenty-four countries (not including the U.S.) allow gays and lesbians to enlist and serve in the military. The U.S. has discharged over 11,ooo service members for being gay.

Gay marriage started in the Netherlands in 2001. Since then, six other countries have legalized gay marriage. Spain is the only country in the world that recognizes same sex marriages and heterosexual marriages under the same law. Currently, five states- Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, and New Hampshire- recognize marriage equality. Maine and California had recognized marriage equality at one point, but passed ballot initiatives rescinding marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples. New Jersey recognizes civil unions between gay couples.

In 2005, 39% of all LGBT workers reported discrimination and/or harassment. Recent polling, however, suggests that more Americans view equal rights in the workplace as a moral issue.

Now, onto opinions. My personal opinion is that discrimination is not only wrong, but it's also extremely damaging. I started getting bullied almost two years ago for being bisexual. The bullying led me to cutting myself, developing eating disorders, sex addiction, and severe depression. To this day, I still cannot get over the constant bullying that occured every day for a year.

It's not just me, however. Millions of people all over the world are constantly bullied and beaten for being part of the LGBT community. Thousands of people commit suicide every year because of bullying. Instead of hurting the population of the Earth, we can help to end this cruel, hurtful discrimination once and for all.

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