Shooting at 'Dark Knight Rises' Midnight Screening

July 19th was just another day for most people. Though, for others, it was the day they had been waiting for. Thousands upon thousands would line up and wait at their local movie theatre for the midnight screening of one of 2012's biggest blockbusters, "The Dark Knight Rises". In Aurora, Colorado, their midnight screening would be one to remember in the worst possible way.

The movie had already started and everyone in theater number nine couldn't look away from the screen. Witnesses say that a tall man, clad in black, wearing a gas mask and goggles, busted in through the emergency exit in the front of the theater and threw tear gas into the room. Some, seeing that the man had a rifle, immediately hit the floor and went for the exits. The man made his way up the stairs and then started shooting randomly in the theater. The tear gas had gone through the walls into neighboring theaters and the gunshots had as well. Numerous people at first believed everything to be "special effects" due to a shootout scene in the movie, but they soon realized their current predicament, and that was when chaos erupted at Century Aurora 16.

As authories arrived on the scene, people were scrambling to get out of the theater, some injured by bullets and some leaving with only bloodied shirts. Policemen worked hard as they helped injured people evacuate out of the theater and some opened fire upon the shooter. The youngest victim was a three-month-old baby, thankfully the baby is not in critical condition and should be fine. Unfortunately, ten people died on site and four more passed after arriving at hospitals, with fifty more people injured.

The shooter has been apprehended by the police and is being very cooperative with authorities. My heart goes out to all those affected by the shooting and that they will have a speedy recovery.

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