Sexism and Feminism: The Muslim Perspective

No matter how much you'd try to convince me that muslim women have their rights, I wouldn't believe it. As a muslim from the female gender, I see that women get treated very differently from men, on political, social, and economic sides.

The biggest stereotype of all is how my fellow gender is mostly seen as a Baby Queue Machine, especially in the muslim part of the world, to a point that men only get married for the children. I consider it not fair because the percentage of arranged and forced marriages in the world is about 55%, and most of the girls are below the age of 18, which means that it is possible that the man did not marry her for the right reasons.

If a muslim woman were to get raped, and become pregnant from the incedent, people will see her as being less of a person and she would get punished for it. Seeing that adultery is a crime in Islam and women's voices are not heard in courts, she could get beaten or murdered.

Women are being looked down on and some of them even reach a point where they start to believe that they aren't worth as much as men. I know some women that believe that men were the true inventors of the world and that it won't stand without them. Although I believe that both sexes are valid in this world, I believe that a woman could live an entire human life without a man beside her.

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