Not many people have probably heard of this seemingly up-and-coming religion with its origins being in Japan, a religion practiced by Hidan of the anime/manga naruto. Searching Google is an exhausting way to find more information, as there simply isn't that much out there about it to be found. What I have gathered, however, is deeply fascinating to this devout Christian.

Some of the rules, relating to this religion which worships a god named Jashin, are rather bizarre and even troubling upon first reading about them. A Jashinist, when in a fight, must always fight to the death. Once you've killed your opponent, you must then drink their blood. Blood, it seems, is the key to Jashinists to receiving eternal life and living forever.

Jashinists are encouraged to hurt themselves every day in someway, drawing blood, because pain equals pleasure. They are also taught that you must understand someone else's pain before you inflict pain on them, and therefore you cannot kill anyone unless you have been killed yourself - thus the harming of yourself every day.

When converting non-believers, you try to convert peacefully. Anyone who does not follow Jashinism is an atheiest; to Jashinists, there are not other beliefs that others may hold.

As far as I can tell, there are no temples or buildings built specifically for this religion, as it is still so small and viewed as cult-like. Believers in the religion claim to find happiness and fulfillment through worshipping Jashin and living their lives this way, and communicate with each other largely through online forums.

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