The Church of Euthanasia

"Save the planet, kill yourself" is not a slogan you would usually associate with a religious practice, and yet it is the satirical slogan for the Church of Euthanasia, a fascinating church that promotes leveling the populations of animals to humans.

Founded by Reverend Chris Korda, pictured holding the sign, this church wants to raise awareness that the planet is dying and we are killing it. It was inspired by a dream in which the Reverend herself confronted a non-earthly being known simply as The Being, who speaks for the inhabitants of earth. The Being warned the Reverend that the planet is dying, and the world's leaders do not want us to know about it. Rev Korda claims to have woken up with the words "save the planet, kill yourself" coming out of her mouth.

The reasoning behind the decline of our planet is simple: too many humans. There is an overpopulation of humans here on earth, too many for the planet to safely handle while thriving itself.

Because of this, followers and leaders of the religion support voluntary cutting down of the population, such as suicide, free abortion, sodomy (any sexual intercourse that does not create children) and cannibalism, only after a body is already dead. These four things: suicide, abortion, sodomy and cannibalism, are the four pillars of the religion.

There are members of clergy as well as music, culture jamming and public stunts involved with the church, and all the while an underlying sense of political satire and black humor. However, there seems to be no god worshipped or mentioned, nothing otherworldly besides The Being who spoke to the Reverend in her dream.

The FAQ on the Church's Website is deeply fascinating, especially with their views on suicide:

Do I have to kill myself?

Of course you don't have to kill yourself! If you really want to, though, wait until after you've joined the church. That way, you automatically become a saint, without any additional paperwork. Don't forget to leave a note thanking and/or blaming the Church, and feel free to will us your estate, if you have one."

Anyone wanting to learn more should check out the website, as it is a wealth of information about this religion.


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