Photography Scams Tied Together

Photography Scams Tied Together Darien Small has a wife, four children and graduated from college. He has also scammed a ton of people. A recent string of photography scams all lead to the same man, Darien Small. The scams take him from state to state and he changes his phone numbers, and addresses around every two months.

A scam committed by Darien starts off with a person hiring him to photograph an event, such as weddings or other important dates, and then paying him whatever the price. Once the day comes that you paid to be photographed, Darien would then tell you that you would receive the photographs at a latter date.

That date will never come, and you won't hear from him again. He also is know to take the money you pay then never show up. Occasionally, Small will hire someone to work for him and rarely, if ever, pay them. Small is known to scam adults but he has also scammed a child in Lafayette, LA. His estimate of money scammed from people is estimated to around hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There is a website dedicated to help stopping Darien Small, who also goes by the names of Darrell and Craig. A few of the states he has been known to scam in are Michigan, Illinois, Maryland, Georgia and West Virgina. Those who are targeted are usually on a tight budget and of a younger age. He finds most of his victims online through sites that he created. According to Small's father, he cannot support his family, let alone himself.

The parents of Darien Small have not seen their child in years and not very proud of their child. If you want to visit the site for those who have been schemed or wish to know about it, please visit Stop Darien

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