Whinehouse Is Cautioned For "Man Handling"

Whinehouse Is Cautioned For "Man Handling" Amy Winehouse, aged 24 and the first British female to win five Grammies in one night, voluntarily turned herself on Friday over after hitting one man at a bar because he got in her way and head butting another when he tried to hail her cab.

Winehouse got a 'slap on the wrist' from police and although no charges were laid the incident was recorded on her permanent record and can be used against the her should another similar incident occur.

Amy was only kept overnight but on her emergence in the outside world from the London police station a media frenzy and screaming fans became apparent. There were photographers, reporters and fans everywhere some even been seen clambering over cars.

Winehouse's rep. Chris Goodman stated that the singer "admitted to a common assault by slapping a man with an open hand and accepted a caution.
Amy was fully cooperative with inquiries and apologized for the incident. She thanks the police for their professional handling of the matter."

Amy's father Mitch was found commenting to The News of The World Sunday as saying he wanted his daughter to be sectioned - committed for mental health care.
Amy's mother Janis was quoted in the Sunday Mirror as saying she hoped Winehouse would leave her jailed husband for another man.

"The situation is out of control, I want her off the street," Mitch Winehouse was quoted by The News of The World as saying. "I want Amy to be safe and where no harm can come to her."

It seems that Britain's own little song bird has re-emerged once again into the public eye as a troublemaker putting the media back into a frenzy.

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