Frustration over creative energy messing with my head!

Problem of the summer?

Too many ideas, too many images, too many things rolling around in my head.

You see, I love to draw, I practically have lived through it this summer, it's a great thing to put all the creating I wanna do into.

But... my technique is shamefully bad for all the concepts in my head. It's not that I don't try. Or study. But these things that I see in my head are just too much to draw for a person with no advanced drawing skills or amazing native talent.
I'm objective enough to know that I'm not talentless or have zero skills, I do have some of both, but it seems as if it's not enough for everything that I wanna get out.

Yes, this is a rant. I do plan to find a teacher that I feel confortable around, because I'm very shy, anxious and all that crap, so if someone intimidates me in any way, it won't work. Bottom line, I'm going to take drawing technique lessons this year, most likely.

If I don't take these lessons, my head will explode.

School starts Monday... It's almost tragical, I swear... I transferred from my first year class, and now, even though I will love the classes, I'm a bit worried about the classmates. It's going to be like 23 girls and 6 boys. Most of the girls are pink barbie divas, and most of the boys are... well... bitches. But I kinda know how to treat both and I'm looking forward to some of them, they're awesome people and some close friends. So it's okay, I guess.

Gosh. I gotta go shopping tomorrow. Really do.

you guys okay?
September 12th, 2008 at 02:39pm