i got TOTALLY shot down. and i want to ask him out again.

I asked Matt out yesterday. He said no, but I went to the movie with my family anyway. Journey to the center of the earth is a good movie.

I asked him out over the phone first, on thursday, it turns out his dad sounds a lot like him. I just rushed into my explanation before finding out that his dad was actually the one on the phone.

I asked him out again yesterday, but he said no. Hes busy pretty much every day of the week, working or babysitting. then Tai yelled 'shes trying to ask you out!'

He got kinda mad, he didnt really show it, but his tone got a lot more serious and said 'i think you should go.' she said no and he just told her 'i dont think this is the best time right now.' hes kinda freaky when hes mad. especially since hes almost always happy and nice. (around me anyway.) Ive never seen him like that before. every time I saw him before that he was always either smiling, or in a good mood when he talked to me. I was kinda mad at Tai, after all it is really embarrassing to have her shout that. I kinda wanted to talk to him alone anyways. I probably shouldnt have asked her to help me look for him.

Im going to see twilight on the 25 of november. the 20th is my 15th birthday. I can bring 5 friends, (plus me and my mom thats 7) i can only get 7 people in the van. boys are allowed to come, because my mom will be supervising. I'm actually kinda scared about asking him again so soon. after yesterdays flop, I dont want to seem pushy. I dont want to not like me anymore.

kouichi is getting slightly creepy too. He asked for my number and my email yesterday, and after i got turned down yesterday, he told me he would want to goto the movies with me, hes called me twice yesterday. even though hes in two of my classes, walks me to my other classes and is in anime club with me. Slightly scary. I have pplain out told him i like Matt, but now he seems like he likes me. and even though i thought so before, it might seem wierd, but i think hes fighting for me orr something.

Please comment and tell me how long I should wait before asking Matt, and what I should do about kouichi.
September 20th, 2008 at 10:55pm